Breastfeeding BabyAll Filipino mothers will breastfeed their children from at least six months of age onwards

We dedicate ourselves to providing support to pregnant and breastfeeding Filipinas through professional and caring prenatal, postnatal and lactation massage services.


1. Prenatal Massage – to relieve the various pains of child bearing. We could only accept women on their 6th month onwards. otherwise a doctor’s written consent will be required.
2. Labor Massage – to help shorten labor and help in a faster delivery. This massage could also help induce labor if the baby is overstaying in mommy’s tummy.
3. Postnatal Massage – to help get the body back to pre-pregnancy form faster
4. Lactation Massage - to help ease the flow of breastmilk. This massage may be given right after childbirth.
5. Stress-relieving Massage - to help you and your spouse relax after a long day’s work


“Mom Massage helped me to breastfeed my twin boys as long as I had. The regular massages really helped me relax and increase my confidence that my body is making enough milk for my babies. The therapist is always patient and the baby takes priority.

If the baby is hungry in the middle of our massage, we would take a break and have the baby nurse first, then continue. This way, I feel less anxious and better able to care for both myself and my twins. After all, well-rested, happy moms equals well-fed, happy babies.”

-Charmaine Wang

“Hi! I had a massage before I gave birth with Mom Massage as well as a lactation massage right after I gave birth in the hospital. I really appreciated the lactation massage as it helped me get over some of my hesitation with breastfeeding.

They were very professional, and although the service was a bit pricey, it was definitely worth it.

I’ve been successfully breastfeeding now for 3 months to a healthy 7 kg bouncing boy called Sky!”

-Kookie Gagui

“Best pregnancy massage in Manila. :-)

-Anke E. Goldschmidt


Mom Massage on TV

ABS CBN’s Kabuhayan Swak na Swak featured Mom Massage and its Managing Director, Vier Tajonera last June 21, 2009


See Mom Massage’s Vier and Justine Tajonera being featured in GMA 7′s The Sweet Life with Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesnt last January 28, 2008.


See Mom Massage featured on Shop Talk with Pia Hontiveros last September 17, 2008

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